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“I had been a smoker for 22 years and can’t even remember how many times I tried to quit. The longest I could make it was 4 days before I broke down and had to light back up. I have even tried other patches and they didn’t work so I was reluctant when my wife gave me a nicoway patch. I took off my last patch six months ago and have not wanted a cigarette since—I can’t even stand the smell of smoke any longer!”

David Hamilton
Michigan City, IN

“I don’t even remember why I started smoking in the first place but once I was hooked—I was hooked! Every New Year’s Day I made a resolution to quit smoking and even bought those patches to help me succeed. I wore those “other” patches for nearly a month and within a week of taking off my last one, I was irritable and eating everything in sight! But from the moment I put on my first Nicoway patch—I just started feeling healthier somehow. I haven’t smoked a cigarette in 4 months now and its all thanks to Nicoway!”

Veronica Mills
Trenton, NJ

Nicoway®: Are you ready to get the monkey off your back?
In as little as 60 days , you can quit smoking and blow smoke away, and be on your way back to better health...  We absolutely believe that this will be your best chance to stop smoking!

Quitting Smoking Will Dramatically Improve Your Health and Chances of Developing a Major Health Problem

  • Reduce Risk of Stroke .
  • After 5 Years, quitting smoking will reduce your risk for mouth, throat, and esophagus cancer by 50%.
  • Reduces chances for Coronary Heart Disease by 50% after 1 year.
  • Ulcer risks are reduced.
  • Reduced Risk of Larynx cancer
  • Lung cancer risk cut by half after 10 years


Finally an easy solution to the cravings and side-effects associated with giving up nicotine

NicowayEach and every year, millions of smokers vow to give up the habit—but only a small percentage actually succeed. Many turn to “the patch” and other smoking cessation products like gum yet still fail to kick the habit—why?

The problem with most patches, gums, and other products designed to help smokers quit is that they are made with nicotine! Most of these products come in groups or stages with progressively lower and lower amounts of nicotine in each stage. The idea is to “ween” the smoker off of nicotine slowly until finally cutting them off completely when nicotine levels are sufficiently low.


Giving Nicotine To a Smoker and Expecting Them to Quit is Like Passing Around Beer at an “AA” Meeting!Nicoway

It’s simple—the reason why most people start smoking again after trying to quit is the nicotine withdrawal. Therefore, using a patch or gum made with nicotine (even if at lower and lower levels) is only delaying the inevitable: As soon as a person takes off their “last patch” and is supposedly free from nicotine—the withdrawal begins. This is why most of us can’t make a week before we “cheat” and smoke another cigarette!

Nicoway® Alleviates Nicotine Withdrawal So You Can Break The Habit—For Good!

Unlike other smoking cessation products made with nicotine, Nicoway® is formulated from herbal ingredients that literally alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal. From the very first moment you put a Nicoway® patch on, nicotine levels in your body will begin to drop. This is because Nicoway® not only alleviates the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal—it actually helps cleanse the body of all tobacco-related toxins, including nicotine! Other products made with nicotine only extend your addiction--Nicoway® starts eliminating your addiction and nicotine from day one!

NicowayIf you are serious about living a healthier lifestyle and are ready to finally quit smoking for good, then it is time for Nicoway®. Don’t waste your time with products made with nicotine because they will only extend your addiction, not cure it. Nicoway® has a satisfaction guarantee to eliminate your craving for nicotine in as little as 60 days. What other smoking cessation products make such a guarantee? Simply use Nicoway® as directed and if you not completely convinced that it is working as advertised—simply return the bottle for a full refund (minus shipping and handling charges).

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